Let me tell you a story.  Picture it......

A few nights ago there was a heavy rain.  Today, you go downstairs to do the laundry and it smells- funny.  Musty and damp.  You start looking around and almost immediately see that the floor is wet in one corner of the basement.

Well, doesn't that raise a lot of questions all at once!

Was this the first time it leaked?  Where was it coming from?  How bad is it?  Is this going to happen again?  How much is this going to cost?  Can I claim it on my insurance deductible?  Who do I call to fix it?

Mold and mildew start growing almost immediately.  That's why you can smell a leaky basement even as you start down the stairs.  If any of your family has allergies, this will certainly and seriously affect their health.  Even if it dries on its own in a day or two, that's all it takes for mold to start in the walls and now you'll have to remove not only the carpet, but the drywall, wood studs, tile floor, sub floor, baseboards and trim, plaster and of course repaint everything.  What a mess!

And if it leaks once...you just know it's going to leak again.

We are your solution and we can answer all of your questions. 

Home owners don’t realize how much rain water or melting snow comes off of your roof.  The next time you’re driving in the rain, imagine an area the size of your roof stretched out in front of your car.  Take note of the amount of water that’s hitting the pavement, puddling in the tire ruts and pooling on the side of the road.  That’s how much water is coming off of your roof!  And it all has to fit into that 5 inch wide eavestrough and run down those 5 inch downspouts and far enough away from the house to prevent the water from seeping into the basement.  


If there is a even a partial blockage in either the eavestrough or the downspout that water has to go somewhere and it will overflow the eavestrough and land just 12 inches or less beside your basement walls.  If the ground doesn’t slope immediately away from your house that water collects there and will seep into the ground – right along your basement walls.  Always make sure the eavestroughs are clean as well as the downspouts.  


If you don’t enjoy hanging over the edge of your roof every year and you don’t want the cost of hiring someone to clean them, consider installing some low cost eavestrough inserts.  You can put them in yourself, or we can install them for you.


Water is “insidious”.  That means it flows along the path of least resistance.  It also means that the water that has seeped into the ground and running along your basement wall will flow into the slightest crack and flow into your basement.  It actually “pushes” its way into your home.  That’s why an interior repair, if not professionally done, is not recommended (Bryan Baeumler says, quote... "If your foundation is leaking, there is only one way to fix it properly, and that's to dig and waterproof it from the outside.  There are product to "waterproof" the foundations walls, but they don't remove the water that's already in the foundation walls or blocks.  If you have water leaking into the basement through the foundtions walls, it's time to dig.  Period.").  The weight of the water over a period of time could push the interior repair out of place.  Even the smallest fraction of an inch would let the water past the repair patch into your basement again!


There’s no doubt that every Canadian home should have some kind of eavestrough insert to protect their basements.


Let’s look at a worst case scenario…

Let’s say the basement leak has to be fixed from the outside.  That means we have to dig up the ground along the wall.  Unfortunately, the fence is in the way of the digging equipment and has to be taken down.  The interlock patio has to be removed to dig down to the foundations.

This means bringing in several contractors…the guy to fix the basement crack leak, a fencing company and a landscaper to reinstall your interlock and slope the ground to run the water away from the house.  And you may need a contractor to come in and clean or replace your eavestrough.


This is where we shine and save you thousands of dollars.  


We do all the things you need done to get the job done right, responsibly and for less money than it would cost to bring in all those contractors. 


We started in the fencing business, then the eavestrough business, removing unwanted swimming pools or building swim ponds (yes, I said swim PONDS!  You’ve got to see them – stunning and cheaper to maintain than a pool!).  We do landscaping and, as you already know, fix leaky basements.


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