There are a lot of companies that will claim your best option is interior waterproofing, where in truth exterior is the best option unless, digging from the outside is not an option due to extreme wet and dangerous saturated soil conditions or lack of space to dig.

We don’t hide behind interior waterproofing and tell our customers it’s the best option due to price.  We would rather be straight up and honest and quote the customer on the exterior waterproofing project and let the customer make the right choice.

Interior waterproofing does work on a temporary basis but truthfully, exterior waterproofing is your best choice whenever possible.

In some cases a customer will opt for internal waterproofing over exterior waterproofing which is fine, if the problem is caught in its early stages.

Internal waterproofing ranges from $70.00 - $135.00 per linear foot where as external projects cost more to perform, however the latter technique is the best method for a permanent fix.

One important point to remember regarding interior waterproofing versus exterior waterproofing is there will always be water trapped behind the membrane of the wall and foundation which over time will deteriorate your walls and foundation.

Now that you have been informed about the differences between interior and exterior waterproofing, give us a call for a quote.  This will be the best decision any proud homeowner will make!

See below two additional quotations from two well known contractors to help you make your informed decision.

Mike Holmes

Flooded foundations 2017

Michelle and Jason have had a leaky basement since they moved into their house five years ago.  After numerous inside patches from the builder, general contractor Mike Holmes attacks the problem from the outside.  He excavates around the property and supervises the installation of new rubber membrane on the outside of the foundation, where it should have been done in the first place.

Bryan Baeumler

According to Bryan Baeumler “If your foundation is leaking, there is only one way to fix it properly, and that is to dig and waterproof it properly from the outside.  There are products available to waterproof foundation walls from the inside, but they don’t remove the water that is already inside the block or foundation wall.  If you have water leaking into the basement through the foundation walls, IT’S TIME TO DIG, PERIOD! “

Some contractors will recommend cheaper alternatives that involve repairing the crack from the inside of your basement; this is only a temporary fix and not a good idea.  Another important tip when completing or backfilling the outside trench, is to use ¾ inch clear stone, a frost free material which will be the best result for years as it will eliminate frost heave therefore eliminating the lateral pressure that the existing soil put on your walls in the first place.

External waterproofing procedure 

  • Trench the area to the depth of the footing
  • Clean, repair where necessary and prepare the wall for the next step
  • Apply foundation coating
  • Install drainage board
  • Prior to connecting the new weeping tile, check the condition of the existing tile. It may require a pressure flush to ensure it will work properly
  • Install new weeping tile
  • Fill above the weeping tile with ¾ inch clear gravel. (One cubic foot per linear foot)
  • Backfill, tamping approximately every foot in column height

We honor a 20 year transferable warranty.