Basement Leak Repairs

If your basement is damp or has a musty smell or even obvious small leaks developing then don’t waste your money on finishing your basement.  Unfortunately this problem must be addressed immediately in a preventative maintenance manner.  Although interior waterproofing has become a more common way to repair basements over the past 10 to 15 years and has cost saving benefits over exterior repair, the best option is still exterior waterproof repair.

Exterior Foundation Repairs

Quote from Mike Holmes

Flooded foundations 2017

Michelle and Jason have had a leaky basement since they moved into their house five years ago.  After numerous inside patches from the builder, general contractor Mike Holmes attacks the problem from the outside.  He excavates around the property and supervises the installation of new rubber membrane on the outside of the foundation, where it should have been done in the first place.”


Interior Leak Repairs

There are a lot of companies that will claim your best option is interior waterproofing, where in truth exterior is the best option unless, digging from the outside is not an option due to extreme wet and dangerous saturated soil conditions or lack of space to dig.

We don’t hide behind interior waterproofing and tell our customers it’s the best option due to price.  We would rather be straight up and honest and quote the customer on the exterior waterproofing project and let the customer make the right choice.

What Does My Eavestrough Have To Do With My Leaky Basement?

Clogged Eavestroughs.  One more important factor that most homeowners neglect is their eaves troughs and clogged down spouts.  When the eaves troughs are not functioning or draining properly, water will spill over the eaves and land on the ground next to your basement walls.  This can create water saturation and overflow which can lead to water seeping through the walls and foundation.

What Does My Landscaping Have To Do With My Basement Leaking?

Run Off.  Runoff develops when melted snow and/or rainwater is not properly diverted away from the home.  Water will take the path of least resistance and seep through cracks in your foundation walls or the footings.  Water should always be drained away from the foundation to avoid basement leaks.  An example of this is to install extended drain spouts to divert water away from the house and channel it to the sewer system.

Other Services

We've grown over the years.  In 2005 we started  in the fencing business, FBG Fencing Inc.  While we were on job sites, clients would ask if we could clean out their eavestrough while we were there.   Eavestrough Inserts was started.  The fencing business also brought us customers who no longer wanted their pools.  So we started a pool demolition company,  Some people love having a pool to swim in but hated the high maintenance and cost...hence Swim Ponds.  Start from scratch or convert your pool to a natural, low maintenance Swim Pond.

One thing your home doesn't want is a leaky basement.

Most homes that have basement leaks are in most cases due to cracked walls and or foundations.  The best way to prevent a flooded basement and repair a basement leak is from the outside.  We at Bearcat tell you straight up that outside excavation and waterproofing is the best way to repair period!

Just ask Mike Holmes or Bryan Baeumler, as they also agree a basement leak must be fixed from the exterior for best results.

Your home is the largest financial investment you will make, a place where families come together and memories are made.

In Canada we have harsh weather conditions where your home needs protection that we all take for granted.  Like the things you don’t see that work 24/7 365 days a year such as:  your roof keeps out rain and snow, your attic insulation keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Your eaves trough gutter filter keeps your troughs clean so all the rain water can be diverted away from your basement foundation.  Your basement walls and foundation support the entire house.

Are you truly protecting your investment?

A finished basement on average will cost $50,000 - $65,000, so you should definitely consider waterproofing prior to basement finishing.  Should you decide to finish your basement and say no to basement waterproofing, if water damage occurs this can escalate water damage costs from $25,000-$30,000.  You may want to take a serious look at your home insurance policy as this may or may not be covered!

If you do have a basement crack leak, the following will need to be replaced.  You'll need new drywall, wood studs, tile floor, carpeting, sub floor, baseboards and trim, plaster and of course, repaint everything.

If you do have a crack in your basement wall and it's not leaking, do not renovate over it.  Unlike a cut on your finger that will heal, a crack in a concrete wall will only get worse over time.   You also run the risk of mold and mildew spreading throughout the house creating serious health issues for you and your family.  

Basement leaks can decrease your home’s value by at least 10%.

Let’s discuss the 4 main factors that can cause leaky basements.  Condensation, Runoff, Seepage, Clogged Eavestroughs (read more)

Next Step... to call us.  We'll be glad to answer any questions to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.  And, if you're interested, we be glad to give you a no-obligation, free quote on your project.